1. Decide your Track

Depending on the type of funding you’re looking for, you can apply to one of the challenges under the Digital Society Challenge. Feel free to read more about which challenge is most relevant to you under the FAQs.

Track #1 Grants
Track #2 Service Agreements
Track #3 Equity Investments

2. Prepare your Responses

NOTE: The application form does not "Save for Later"

We’d love to know as much about you as possible, so the application form is very comprehensive. Before you start filling out the application, we recommend you go through all the questions offline and fill up your responses in the downloadable PDF below. Once you’re ready with your answers, you can fill up the application form in the next step.

Application PDF

3. Submit your Application

Choose the track you wish to apply to, in order to get the corresponding application form. Having prepared the responses in the previous step, fill out the application with your answers and click submit.

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